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Introduction This product defines the forms for starting a GroupServer group, and the underlying group creation code. Forms There are two forms used with starting a group: the main `Start a Group`_ form, and the Check Identifier form, which is used by the Start a Group form. Start a Group The Start a Group form (startgroup.html in the site context) takes three fields: a name, a group identifier, and a privacy setting. The associated JavaScript creates a default ID from the name. It also uses the Check Identifier form to ensure that the identifier is unique. If it is then the Group started notification is sent to all site administrators after group creation. Notification The notification gs-group-started.html (which renders in the group context, along with its .txt equivalent) is used to inform all the site administrators that the group has been started. It is similar to the Group welcome notification [1], but with less general detail as leaving and viewing profiles is less important when administrators start a group. Because the notification is sent to all the administrators, including the one that created the group, the notification is written in agentless passive voice. [1] See <https://github.com/groupserver/gs.group.member.join>.


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