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Key features of JLex Review: MULTI-TASKING: Run more than one review/commenting systems with different settings at the same time and on the same website MULTIPLE RATING ITEMS: Support up to 16 different rating items for the review object, be possible to run those items in multiple languages. FIELD CUSTOMIZATION: Run multiple fields with different properties is an indispensable feature. MULTI-MEDIA: Photos, files or locations are all attached to each of review/comment. All of them are integrated in advance in the editor. ADVANCE COMMENT: Your new comment shall help other users to acknowledge the review in such a more correct way. SHARE: This feature is used for sharing the review on popular social network in order to increase traffic of your website. VOTE: By some orders, the users can assess an object without any waste of time for a detailed review. APPLICATIONS: Beside ready-to-use applications, you can create a brand new integrated with JLex Review through our documents. SECURITY/SPAM BLOCK: With popular features such as Captcha, Blacklist, report..., you can block any unwanted review/comments. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Perfectly fit the templates and well run on various devices with different display sizes. PROFILE PAGE: Where the users' review, comments and ratings are stored. Every order related to user-information changes locate here too. ACCESS CONTROL LIST: Manage and limit the features for each user group. Being established on Joomla's standard design. EMAIL-INTEGRATED: Receive the notifications of the review/comments from your own email address. Perform different orders such as: Publish, stop publishing, delete... right from the email. SOCIAL LOGIN: Use your current accounts on social network (Facebook, Google, Twitter) to log in and publish your review/comments. UPDATING CENTER: With an API code, you can update our new patch files through the updating center. DETAILED STATISTIC: All of activities on your page are updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Information is displayed in the management section in such a detailed way. MULTIPLE LANGUAGE: Translate to any language. Support multiple language in your site. GOOGLE MARKUP: Rich Snippets for Products/Service/Directory..... from Schema.org


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